3.39.2008 Personalize-A-Bookcase

Hello there! Jukia here with a new creation.


I have created a couple of “empty” bookcases that you can take and personalize. These bookcases have nothing on the shelves. Within the Rar is a bmp of what is origionally on the bookshelves. Feel free to modify and recolor these bookcases to your hearts content. If you do use them please give me some credit.


Short Bookcase

I have also created a half-bookcase for download. To find it click here.Half Bookcase

Enjoy these new objects, and have fun personalizing. If you would like further instruction on how to modify and recolor objects let me know, I plan to create a tutorial to help you out (please ask me and I will make it).



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March 6, 2008.

March 6, 2008.

*Hello There! Jukia Here!

*I am posting an update letting you know that I have been a little out of service recently due to some issues with school and my computer getting broken.

*I have found a broken download for one of my wallpapers titled Dark Roze 2 that I have lost with my old computer; I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

*I would like to direct all of you to a couple of wonderful forums. These forums are located in the links section of my webpages.

*Forum 1: Project Divinity

*Project Divinity is a website created by artists for artists. It is not directed towards artists; anyone can join and discuss things. I am currently a moderator of this forum. It is a general forum where members can talk about whatever they feel like discussing.

*Check us out at www.projectdivinity.com

*Forum 2: The Sims Fanatics Community Forum

*The Sims Fanatics Community is the Sims Group that I am currently a member of. You may find many ways to find fun Sims Fans just like you! Most generally downloads are free, so please join our yahoo groups and feel free to check out and join our Forum. The forum is based upon the Sims 1 & 2. Feel free to discuss the Sims and ask questions. There are also some sections that are kind of fun like a “Games” Section and a “Jokes” Section.

*Check us out at http://xxrouguexx.proboards104.com/index.cgi

*Have a lovely March! I intend to get back to work on my next creation. The Close Up Studio Set, I must recreate it because of my computer breaking on me. I assure you that it will be lovely!




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